McVie's Musical Philosophy

Music is one of the most important elements of your celebration.  Your musical selections will set the tone of the day and help to create a party you and your guest will be talking about for years to come!  


McVie Productions does things differently,  although we have vast musical knowledge, no one knows your family and friends better than you!  With that in mind, we don't typically supply you with a cookie cutter list of music we like. We work in the reverse of many companies and we ask you for a list of both your favorites and happily accomidate your do not play list. 


After performing many weddings & celebrations, we've come to the conclusion that not everyone savors the same style of music. Of course there are "party favorites"  we play at almost every gathering but we rely on you to give us a guideline to follow, so we know your tastes and tailor the day around your likes and dislikes, while keeping in mind your families and your guests as well.


Music sets the tone for your celebration! 


We will work with you to create the atmosphere

that you desire!



Please contact us by calling (508)932-9815, using the Contact Form, or by e-mailing directly at  


We look forward to speaking with you 

about your upcoming celebration!